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This is our team.

These tutors have been selected due to their outstanding academic performance, relentless ambition of career goals, and most importantly their ability to explain complicated subject matter in layman's terms.  

The only way peer-to-peer learning works is if it's done in an effective learning environment: these high-achieving students are the ones who ensure that this type of environment is established for every single session.

The tutors work closely with the E-Board to craft a path to success for each and every student. This means creating achievable short-term and long-term goals, a plan to get to these goals and a methodology for tracking progress. 


Our tutors also strive to ensure that their clients are not just clients; but rather, companions. The journey of education and improvement is a tough one, and it is crucial that the relationship between tutors and tutees is a healthy, comfortable one. This relationship is conducive to establishing an open, relaxed, and enjoyable learning environment where students never hesitate to ask questions or express concerns.


We are confident that you will find a tutor that fits your needs and goals. Please feel free to reach out to Mohak or Rushil to get into contact with any of these students.


Rishab Pedireddy

SAT, Math, Chemistry

Rishab Peddireddy is a senior at the Downingtown STEM Academy, currently enrolled in four Higher Level courses. He is in HL Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Economics. With a 1570 on the SAT, including a perfect reading section, Rishab specializes in tutoring SAT. He is also experienced in this area, as he ran a volunteer SAT tutoring program at his school last year. Rishab is also passionate about math and chemistry, and well equipped to tutor in these areas as well. Some of Rishab’s other extracurriculars include competing in TSA (Technology Student Association), in which he has placed at the state conference multiple times. He also participated in DECA, an economics club in which he was a state qualifier in his first year competing. Rishab’s strong suit when it comes to tutoring is his unwavering patience and willingness to work with a student tirelessly until they understand the concept. His ultimate goal is to enhance a student’s level of comfort with the topic they are studying until they can explain the subject just as well as he can.

Ahmed alveed.png

Ahmed Alveed

University of Pennsylvania

Ahmed Alveed is an incoming freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. With a 1560 SAT score (and a perfect math section), as well as experience in working at a SAT summer camp in Malvern, Ahmed specializes in providing SAT help to incoming juniors and seniors. He also passed with a GPA of 4.7 and is more than capable of tutoring math and science courses. His other extracurriculars have included serving as Student Body President, being the Founder and President of the Computer Science Club, and attending the Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences over his junior year summer.

arshi sachdev.png

Arshi Sachdev

Math, Chemistry, Reading

Arshi Sachdev is an incoming senior at the Downingtown STEM Academy. At STEM, she takes higher level mathematics, chemistry, economics, and business. She enjoys these subjects and hopes to continue them as she goes to college. Math and chemistry have always been two of her strongest subjects and she is excited to help kids who are also interested in learning these subjects! Arshi is an active member of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and has gone to the state level multiple times as well as the national level. She is a quite an active person and likes to incorporate moving around into studying.

aastha soni.jpeg

Aastha Soni

Math, Biology, Writing

Aastha Soni is an incoming senior at the Downingtown STEM Academy. At STEM she is enrolled in higher level mathematics, psychology, biology, and visual arts courses. She is particularly passionate towards biology and art and hopes to pursue them in the future. Apart from academics, Aastha has participated in competitions as a member of HOSA (Health Occupations Services of America) where she has taught students topics such as nutritional psychiatry. Along with that, she enjoys teaching younger kids Indian classical dance and competing in local art competitions. When it comes to tutoring, Aastha likes to take a creative approach to explaining complex concepts to students. This in turn betters the student’s understanding of said concept and its application to the real world. 

andres almonte.jpeg

Andres Almonte

Math, Chemistry, Reading

Andres Almonte is an incoming senior at the STEM Academy currently enrolled in the maximum number of higher level courses available. His higher level selections are math, literature, psychology and Spanish. Andres also takes an honors level physics class. This diverse selection of courses allow him to be extremely well rounded in specialties, as he is advanced in reading, writing, and math. When tutoring, Andres focuses on the student’s understanding of concepts rather than memorization. This system prepares kids for more rigorous material and develops an appreciation for the real-world application of the material. In his free time Andres likes to read, go snowboarding, and hangout with friends.


Vineeth Gabbireddy

Math, Programming

Vineeth Gabbireddy is a senior at the Downingtown STEM Academy currently enrolled in the IB Diploma with the maximum level of higher level IB courses. These classes include: Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Economics. Vineeth has achieved a 35 ACT Score, with a perfect 36 in the english section, 35 in mathematics, 35 in reading, 34 in science, and 9 in writing. He also has earned a National Merit Commended award, for his excellent performance on the PSAT. Vineeth hopes to apply his love for mathematics and computer science by pursuing Data Science, a mathematics, statistics, and programming intensive career. In his free time, he loves to play basketball and volunteer, best embodied in his 2 Presidential Volunteer Awards. His primary extracurriculars include FRC Robotics, a software design internship, and graphic design internship. With this wide gamut of experience, Vineeth is a seasoned programmer, with experience in Java, Javascript, and HTML. 


Zahan Nias

Physics, Biology, Math

Zahan Nias is an incoming senior at the Downingtown STEM Academy and is currently enrolled in IB curriculum taking Higher level courses. At STEM, he takes higher level Physics, Biology and Economics. He is especially passionate in teaching in the sciences and math. Outside of academics, Zahan is an executive for TSA (Technology Student Association) and has attended the state level numerous times. In addition he spent half of his junior year working as an intern at Cerner Corporation, which had allowed him to gain a better understanding of real life application to what he has learned over the years. His ultimate goal is to allow students to understand how what they are learning can be used in their real life in addition to enhancing their understanding on a certain concept.


Zohir Khawaja 

Math, Physics, Reading

Zohir is an incoming senior at the Downingtown STEM Academy and is currently enrolled in the IB program. He takes 4 higher level courses: mathematics, physics, economics, and design technology. Along with these, Zohir takes honors level Literature and French. He is also an executive officer of TSA (Technology Student Association) and is an active member of DECA. Aside from these clubs, in his free time Zohir enjoys running and teaching track on weekends. He has prior experience with tutoring and enjoys working with kids. His goal is to help kids understand complicated concepts and show them how they can be applied in real life.


Soham Digambar

Math, Physics, Social Studies

Soham Digambar is an incoming senior at Downingtown East High School and is enrolled in 5 AP Classes. The AP classes he is taking for senior year include AP Calc BC, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Statistics, AP Government/ Honors Sociology, and AP Computer Science A. This well-rounded course selection allows for Soham to excel in school with a magnified passion for Physics and Math. Not only did he leave junior year with an A in AP Calc AB and in AP Physics 1, but he also got a 4 out of 5 on each of these AP Exams. Outside of school, Soham plays Upper Varsity Doubles for the Downingtown East Boys tennis team and participates in STEM DECA and East TSA. He has attended the state level competition for both of these clubs. His goal is to not only help his students understand difficult concepts, but also help them enjoy learning more.

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