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Grades 6-12 Tutoring for All Subjects

We have tutors for most subjects that your child might be struggling in: from algebra 2 to chemistry to even reading comprehension! Our tutors will work with you to figure out the best plan of action for you child based on what we assess. Check out our "Tutors" page to see some of our outstanding tutors and their respective areas of expertise. 


STEM Academy Acceptance Counseling

Our newest service will have current STEM students guide your child through the STEM application process and help them with admissions. We will provide a definitive guide on the grades they need to get, what extracurriculars they should be a part of, and other factors that are critical to receiving admission to the Academy.


Supplemental SAT Help

The SATs! If your child needs help on preparing for this important and at times overwhelming exam, we have high-scoring tutors who will work hard to help boost your child's score without the ridiculous prices that some SAT prep schools/camps charge. From Khan Academy to Barron's prep books, we will use all our resources to help improve your child's math, reading and writing scores.


College Admissions Guidance

Help your child get ahead of their application pool with us! Check out College Consulting page for more information.

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