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This company began as a small-time project from students Mohak Desai and Rushil Ramprasad. Our initial goal was to build a tutoring service that allowed lagging students to easily find compatible help from high-achieving peers. At the time, we both felt like we could grasp a concept much easier if one of our friends had explained it rather than if an older teacher did the same.


Little did we know, there was a mountain of academic research supporting our notion. With the backing of science and a shared entrepreneurial bug, we both set to launch the company. 

Since then, the company and its scope have greatly evolved to include a wider target variety of students. We cater to nearly all subjects across all grade levels. We are lucky to have attracted some of the most talented, ambitious and caring tutors in the area: these tutors make every client another success story.

Seeing our students not only catch up to their peers academically, but in fact excel, is what keeps us going to this day. We are both excited to see what the future holds and hope you will join us in our mission, whether as a client, partner or employee!



Co-Founder and CEO

As a dedicated CEO, my main task is to ensure that every client not only meets their goals, but passes through them with flying colors. I want to go to bed knowing that each and every student under our service is crushing their exams and more importantly, establishing a healthy relationship with education and academia. No stone is left unturned and all of our resources are put to use here at Factum. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me; whether you are a parent, a student, a prospective partner or a potential employee. 



Co-Founder and CIO

As CIO, it's really my job to think outside the box and move the company forward in all facets of business. I am dedicated to investing every bit of our resources towards our clients and their academic goals. I am always thinking about how we can beat out our competition in innovative and meaningful ways. And most importantly, I seek to safeguard the quality of service and the utilization of our most important asset: our people. Please feel free to reach out to me personally if you are interested in joining our mission.

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