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Our Science Based Philosophy

Mission Statement

At Factum Tutors, our initiative is focused on helping students excel through peer-to-peer tutoring. Peer tutoring, also known as "cross-age tutoring", has been shown by research to be an incredibly effective methodology of learning. A meta-analysis of over 52 studies uncovered higher test results across the board for peer-tutored students over traditionally tutored in math and reading examinations. William Damon and Erin Phelps, two pioneers of peer collaboration research, state the reason why this form of learning may be so effective:


"Unlike adult-child instruction, [in] peer tutoring the expert party is not very far removed from the novice party in authority or knowledge... Being closer in knowledge and status, the tutee in a peer relation feels freer to express opinions, ask questions, and risk untested solutions."


However the most profound impact of peer tutoring, as the American Psychological Association states, is that it changes the attitude of a student towards whichever subject they may be struggling with. This effect, in the long-term, is the key to fostering a lifelong love for learning.

Our network of outstanding Downingtown STEM Academy peer tutors will help your child excel in whatever subject they currently need help in. Whether it's Algebra 2, Chemistry, reading comprehension or even writing skills, we have a student tutor who has shown excellence in their respective subject and can make a world of difference in your child's education.

Meanwhile, our UPenn and Carnegie Mellon tutors will dedicate their time into helping your child get into the college of their dreams.

While we believe that an investment into your child's future is of utmost importance, we do not believe in charging ridiculously high prices for tutoring. We charge a flat, fair, per-session rate for all of our services. You will even receive a free consultation on exactly what issues your child needs help on, the plan of action for him or her and what the per-session rate would be.

Take a look at our "Services" page to see the full list of tutoring services we provide including SAT help, College Admissions Consulting and STEM application guidance.

Under "Tutors", you will find the profiles of all of our available STEM Academy tutors, which include their experience, area of expertise and more. 

You can reach us by text, call, or email at our "Contact Us" page! 

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